February 14, 2020


SNTS [acid set], Ansome [acid live], KI/KI [acid set], Chris Liberator [vinyl set], Raffaele Attanasio [live], Kegffnayy

Acid for my valentine. From industrial to old school and from vinyl to live, the almighty acid night makes its return to the H7 Warehouse with a broad spectrum of acid performances.

SNTS is back to present us with an exceptional acid set. Moreover, the ever so strong Ansome rejoins forces with his magical modular live setup. In addition to this live act who is well-known for his live performances, will be debuting.

All accompanied by local rising starsand, plus acid veteran Chris Liberator. With him being active from 1991, this man ruled the scene with his acid, hard techno and rave. Bringing it back to the old school, providing us with a vinyl set.