House rules

Respect each other. Feel free to be who you are and let others be too. We do not tolerate any form of racism, sexism, homophobia and/or transphobia, any form of intimidation or harassment and violence at our events. If we notice an issue like this, our staff will immediately remove the person(s) responsible.

If you feel unsafe and/or uncomfortable with anything, please send a SMS or WhatsApp message to our Intercell phone at +31 6 41 58 92 57 or report your issue to the door host, who can be trusted with this. The host will link you up with the right assistance. This is a safe space for everyone. Care about yourself and look after others.

Enjoy the moment. Filming and/or taking pictures with flash is not allowed. Please keep a limit on both, our staff may warn you about excessive filming or photography. Be respectful and think twice when filming others at all times.

Anonymity is one of our key elements, but be aware that we do have a professional camera crew that will shoot content at our events for marketing purposes. By visiting our events, you have agreed to these terms. If you find material of yourself online which you don't want online, please let us know via so we can find a fitting solution. Please note that we always filter before posting.

It’s prohibited to wear clothing or accessories that emit light in any kind of way. The staff will take it from you and is authorised to remove you from the venue when this occurs again.

Don't hang over in the booth with drinks or to film / make pictures (don't use flash) and don't disturb the DJs while they are playing. Don't place drinks on the DJ booth to avoid gear malfunctioning.

Smoking is not allowed inside. There is a designated area for smoking.

Depending on the venue, the minimum age for our events usually is 18 years old. Make sure to read the event announcements thoroughly, and double check if unsure. The security will check ID's to confirm your age at the door. We will not check ticket names with ID's.

Our security will search you when entering the event. Please note that liquids aren't allowed inside, and you can only bring 2 grams of Marijuana (no pre-rolled joints). The possession and/or dealing of hard drugs is prohibited at our event. Please don't drink, drug & drive.

It's not allowed to bring professional cameras or other gear into the venue. Only videos and photos with phones for personal use are allowed–no other high-end gear by third parties. If we see someone using anything else but phones, we are authorized to remove you from the venue.

It's allowed to bring medicine. We will also have some painkillers at the paramedic post.

Without written permission, promotional materials (samples/flyers, etc.) are not allowed to hand out or sticker.