Intercell.054 - ABSL

It's October, and ADE is closing in on us fast. Get in the mood with ABSL, alias Timethée Rousse, a French artist, dj and producer.


Worker of a moist but textured industrial techno, ABSL, walks us through the BPM. He makes a point of ensuring that both his lives and productions exude a breathless, bubbling narrative. As a crazy sound design technician, his abyssal and spatialized sounds are the subject of meticulousness - bordering on insanity. Finally, his quest for an unusual sound brings him closer to artists such as Blawan, Aphex Twin and even Rrose in his psycho-acoustic approach.

Although he has started to heat us seriously in recent years, ABSL discovers music when his brother introduces him to what a drum machine is. Mystical initiation, onanic exploration, it's not easy to qualify this revelation imbued with serendipity.