Laure Croft

Intercell.059 - Laure Croft [Vinyl Set]

Filling February with fire. Coming in hot with a full vinyl set is the Berlin-based, Dutch-born: Laure Croft.

See her play a fresh b2b with Lacchesi at Intercell Indoor 2023 in Amsterdam on 24.02 next week. Info & tickets at www.intercell.events/events

This vinyl-only mix by Laure will bring you in the mood to party or spice up your afterparty. It’s a mix of primarily old-school techno and some newer releases. As we know her sound to be fast, trippy and sexy, she definitely did not fail to deliver that sound in this set too.

Living by the mantra ‘keep it sexy’. Her intention when she takes to the decks is to initiate the liberation that comes from the most powerful dance floor experiences when clothes come off and the energy reaches a fever pitch. Her sound is a constant rush of high-intensity techno spanning the mid-90s to the mid-00s, mixed with the tactile, precarious thrill of vinyl. Continually digging for the tracks which fit her particular creative vision, she holds true to techno’s inherent futurism by creating something new and ever-evolving from the music she plays–pulling together the pieces of the puzzle from decades of techno culture carved into a near-infinite pool of uptempo, forward-facing machine music.

Enjoy the listen.

Laure Croft