Intercell.063 - Genex

July is getting even hotter than predicted because we just got hit by this severe mix full of the slickest summer grooves, sent to your ears by the talented & fast-rising: Genex


Genex is the newest product of today’s Techno scene, defined by fast-paced grooves that keep you moving and synths that stab your soul. This guy will do some serious damage to the dancefloor.

When Jim van de Ruit (’02) got in touch with playing the guitar at the age of 11, he knew he wanted to become a musician. Since then, he has kept on making music and switched to electronic music when he was 15. But after visiting his first real rave, he knew he wanted to make his techno sounds like the professionals. While he is at the helm of this musical journey as the DJ and producer, Genex’s sound can be characterised by high-energy, fast-paced grooves that are guaranteed to keep audiences moving and engaged from start to finish. With a keen ear for techno, Genex weaves together mesmerising rhythms and synths to create a soundscape that is both dynamic and captivating.