Carmen Electro

Intercell.064 - Carmen Electro

Carmen Electro

Carmen Electro is a Finnish DJ whose burning passion for music has led her on a journey of self-discovery. More than just a DJ project, Carmen Electro represents a wider ideology of embracing discomfort, seeking new experiences, connecting with others, and channeling creativity and positive energy into personal and shared hedonism for which, vinyl DJing is the perfect medium.

Her selection principles see her dig for records based on emotion rather than genre. As result, Carmen often finds herself most excited in playful combinations of different genres of dance music — though techno acts as the red thread that connects everything. Her sets aim to highlight the legacy of historic producers and styles, while also bringing grateful attention to new-gen artists who keep the spirit of the underground alive.

Already having played venues like Säule, Bassiani, Tresor, RSO, Gotec, Radion, Industrial Copera and Laster Club, the Berlin-based DJ is looking forward to bringing you her vinyl-only selection next.