Intercell.065 - Supergloss

For the 65th edition of our Podcast Series, we welcome Supergloss. After a superb performance at our latest edition at Else, she now teases what she will bring to this year's ADE.

Supergloss will return in the booth on the final day of our ADE marathon during Intercell x Club Heart Broken.


Born and raised in Germany, Supergloss began her musical journey at the age of 5 when she started playing the classical piano. Her musical interests and tastes continued to evolve as she grew up, moving from Hyperpop to Hip Hop before finally finding her passion in Techno after settling in Berlin. Refusing to be defined by a single style or label, Supergloss offers a fresh adventure with each new mix she creates.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless techno tracks of the 90s and 00s, Supergloss creates a highly danceable blend of energetic sounds that seamlessly combines past and future styles. Her musical style sits between the genres of acid, trance and techno. With her music, she aims to activate the listener's feminine energy through a selection of hip-moving tracks and playful beats.