Humberweg 7, 1043 AC Amsterdam
October 18, 2024
22:00 - 07:00

Intercell x Bad Boombox Invites | ADE

Bad Boombox b2b Mischluft & MCYL live vocals, Bella Claxton b2b Ollie Lishman, Garbage Delight A/V live (Dissolver & Vall Du Son), Janis Zielinski, Kim She & Supergloss

Guess who’s back?

After many legendary “hard beach” sets, the big chef makes his return. Bad Boombox is coming in with Hot Meal for another showdown, bringing favourites from the posse, such as Janis Zielinski, Ollie Lishman, and Mischluft, to ADE. Expect back-to-backs, a full audiovisual live set by Garbage Delight, and many more not-so-local specialities.

Better get cooking.